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If you are in our area and desire an in-home private Bible study at your convenience, we would be very happy to accommodate you in any way possible.  The Bridge Street congregation will provide all materials and teachers necessary for you and your family and friends to learn the Gospel (Rom. 1:16; James 1:21).  Of course, these lessons will be completely free of charge.  Most Bible studies are conducted over a period of time and consist of a number of lessons that follow a logical progression to fully acquaint the student with the Bible and its teachings.  These lessons are structured, but flexible, keeping in mind the age, maturity, and interests of the student.  All lessons are open for questions and discussion. 

For your convenience, we also have self-paced Bible Correspondence Courses that you can take via regular mail.  You will be mailed the first lesson, which you complete and send back to us in the provided, postage-paid envelope.  Your lesson will be graded and mailed back to you along with the next lesson.

The goal of the Bridge Street church of Christ  is to fulfill the Great Commission as given by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20 and, in doing so, to produce Christians according to God's plan of salvation (Acts 11:26).  Contact us by phone (304-455-2130) or email to make your requests known. 

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For additional resources for personal Bible study, go to our Links Page.