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The first service was held in the newly completed Bridge Street building on June 1, 1969.  We are very fortunate to have a well-built and comfortable meeting house that fulfills the needs of the local congregation. 

Some features of our building: A paved parking lot with handicapped parking spaces and attractive landscaping.  Our main auditorium features well-padded, comfortable bench type pews, plush carpeting, direct and indirect lighting, and an excellent public address system.  Of course, our entire building is comfortably air conditioned.  The well-stocked library includes a variety of Biblically sound study materials for all ages.  There is also a collection of video tapes and a television/vcr combo.  A comfortable nursery, with a couch, rocking chairs, and baby beds, is available.  The front window of the nursery offers a view of the main auditorium, and there are speakers connected to the public address system.  An inviting foyer includes bulletin boards, a tract rack, comfortable seating, and coat racks.  Spacious classrooms are available to accommodate Bible classes for all ages.  The teachers decorate the rooms with colorful and educational supplemental materials.  We also have a clean, temperature controlled baptistery.  Handicapped-accessible rest rooms are available for men and women.

Steeple Auditorium