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Focus Press LogoFocus Press publishes materials that provide reasonable answers, based on the word of God, for those who are seeking the truth.  These resources are designed to provide understanding and clarity when it comes to difficult issues.  Think magazine deals with difficult topics such as, stem cell research, intelligent design, cloning, abortion, homosexuality and other social issues that affect us as we live in an increasingly perplexed society. There are regular departments that will deal with practical ways to pass our faith to the next generation, how to incorporate our faith into daily living, issues that are unique to women, how to be good stewards of our blessings, and a host of other regular columns designed to strengthen those who are already committed to living for Christ.

AP LogoApologetics Press is an excellent source for information on Christian evidences.



In Search of the Lord's Way   The web site of the popular television program, "In Search of the Lord's Way," hosted by Mac Lyon.

Truth for the World   A work overseen by the elders of the Duluth church of Christ, Duluth, GA, Truth for the World is an extensive and successful global evangelistic effort.

WVSOPThe West Virginia School of Preaching, located in Moundsville, WV,  has been preparing men to preach the gospel since 1994.





Gospel GazetteAn extensive collection of Biblically related articles, edited by Louis Rushmore.


The Church of Christ at Creekwood (Mobile, AL)  To subscribe to Creekwood's excellent on-line publication, "Living Water," click here.