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Paolo DiLuca

Paolo DiLucaPaolo was born in Milan, Italy, and was raised in Ferrara, Italy.  He is married to the former Cindy Inman, daughter of the late Clifton Inman, a well-known preacher of the Gospel for 50 years in the Ohio Valley.  Paolo and Cindy have one son, Marco.

Paolo's biblical education and training have come from various courses of study in Italy and the United States, and from working with his father and other missionaries in Italy.  He preached for various congregations in Italy from 1983 to 2006, at which time he and Cindy decided to move to the United States.  Paolo began working with the Bridge Street congregation on June 4, 2007.

In addition to pulpit preaching and personal evangelism, Paolo has also prepared and recorded radio programs, participated in public debates, directed Bible camps for children and teenagers, worked (in Italy) with campaign groups from the United States, and participated in numerous other evangelical activities.  He also has been co-editor for various monthly papers, published both on paper and on the Internet, and has maintained two web sites.

Paolo also serves as one of our elders.

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Phone: 304-559-7735